Dave specializes in Humanitarian Response, Shelter and Disaster Coordination, with over 20 years’ experience in humanitarian and development organisation management. Dave has been the managing HBC since its inception in 2009.

His experience includes managing both national and international volunteers for Peace Brigade International Indonesia Project, advising on and evaluating the performance of volunteers within the Red Cross Movement in Indonesia and managing Indonesian and International volunteers for IDEP in their Aceh operations.

Dave has been based out of Yogyakarta for more than ten years, travelling extensively across Indonesia and Southeast Asia and is fluent in Bahasa Indonesian.



Based out of Melbourne, Fabian works as a project manager, humanitarian shelter advisor and trainer for HBC. He is actively involved in the ongoing development of open-source humanitarian resources and promotion of environmental sustainability and CSR programmes for HBC, including work on the Humanitarian Bamboo Project. Fabian brings a broad set of skills to every project that he is involved with: disaster preparedness strategies, architecture, furniture design, photography, sculpture, event management, web design, training, project management and humanitarian response. He graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Masters of Architecture and has worked / volunteered in Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, remote Australia, Spain, Italy, China, Indonesia, Nepal and the UK.



Ana Gatóo has been working for the past years through research and practice to improve construction technologies with the use of sustainable designs and natural materials in the developing world. She is a Building Engineer with a Masters in Architecture. She has worked at the Centre for Natural Material Innovation in the University of Cambridge improving houses in the slums of Brazil and Ecuador, in the Philippines, Indonesia and Nepal in a post-disaster context designing earthquake resistant prototypes as well as promoting and giving trainings on the proper use of local materials. Ana has also worked in the slums of Kenya, developing methods of participatory design with communities and implementing those methods.



Alex Ryan is a bilingual trainer, strategic planner and participatory facilitator specialising in environment and international development related fields in Indonesia and the Asia Pacific region. Alex has worked in and consulted to NGOs in Southeast Asia and Australia for over 20 years. In the last nine years Alex has been a freelance consultant in facilitation skills training, design, MonEv and strategic planning. Alex also works as a facilitator to groups and organisations at different levels and stages of program planning, implementation and review. Additional professional experience includes environmental advocacy campaigns, research into overseas development assistance, disaster response and recovery and waste reduction and prevention.



Miguel López Beraza specialized as a Building Engineer on earth construction typologies. During his Masters in Architecture, he focused on tropical and post disaster architecture. Miguel has experience working with natural and local materials in the developing world, assisted in projects in the slums of Brazil and in The Philippines after Haiyan. He has worked for HBC in several projects as developing guidelines on the proper use of bamboo or as a technical consultant in a post-disaster context. Miguel complements those skills with a Masters on photography and documentary filmmaking and a reputable career on the audiovisual sector, obtaining multiple international awards with his work.