Latest updates from the Yabbiekayu current project. We got all the artists and bamboo architects arrived 4 days ago and started to work on the day 3 after some big discussions about designs and consolidating materials and tools. Bamboo treatment process ongoing while the other part of the team working […]

Woven Bamboo Project

It’s good to be back in CORE TOT training again! This time we’re delivering training for Papua’s government officials and civil society from today until Friday. Very warm enthusiastic participants! Our training in Manokwari wrapped and ended beautifully. Participants were very hungry for new knowledge and skills, and it was […]

CORE TOT Manokwari

Our team has got an opportunity to come back to Flores to deliver a technical training on wind resistance shelter. The project facilitated by Partners for Resilience (PfR) aimed to enhance local capacity in mitigating strong wind that happened to be the most destructive hazard the locals will have to […]

Flores Wind and Erosion Hazard Mitigation Phase II

Pada 15-19 Juli, berkolaborasi dengan Bali Spirit Festival dan Hijau Biru, Humanitarian Benchmark memfasilitasi pelatihan untuk fasilitator-fasilitator Bali yang biasanya bekerja untuk isu HIV dan AIDS. Pelatihan dimaksudkan untuk meningkatkan kapasitas fasilitator agar mereka bisa menjadi fasilitator yang lebih efektif untuk program AYO! Bicara HIV & AIDS Bali.

AYO! Bicara HIV AIDS TOT Training

It has been an amazing week (21-25 April) in Yogyakarta with BNPB, BPBD staffs and CDSP AIFDR consultants, where we were using participatory and adult learning approach to work hand in hand learning basics and principles of humanitarian topics and international best practices and compared it with Indonesian regulation, law […]

CORE 101 + AIFDR Yogyakarta

This week BNPB holds Mentawai Megathrust Disaster Relief exercise in West Sumatera. As one of the biggest DRR event in Indonesia, it’s a great exercise involving wide actors in disaster management. Please visit http://bnpb.go.id/mmdirex2013-2014/?page=home to learn more about this initiative. There are downloadable resources including exercise scenario and various speech […]

Mentawai Megathrust DIREx

Terhitung sejak tanggal 2 sampai 8 Maret, tim Humanitarian Benchmark memfasilitasi pelatihan CORE TOT bagi kawan-kawan dari BPBD dan Forum PRB Jawa Barat. Pelatihan yang didukung oleh IOM Jawa Barat ini diharapkan mampu meningkatkan kapasitas pemangku kepentingan dalam bidang kebencanaan dan mampu menyebarluaskan keterampilan fasilitasi di Jawa Barat.

CORE TOT West Java