What HBC does

Humanitarian Benchmark Consulting's core business is offering humanitarian expertise. HBC specializes in training, capacity building, evaluation, shelter, coordination.

HBC has undertaken consultancies in the Asia Pacific region for a broad range of organizations.

Training and Capacity Building
Offers introductions to the humanitarian response environment, training on trainers and also on-demand advanced learning modules and tailored trainings run by expert trainers with operational experience.

Project Monitoring and Evaluation
Provides expertise in continuous assessment and evaluation on wide range subjects such as shelter, disaster response and project developmentin the fields of governance, social development, conflict and humanitarian assistance.

Humanitarian Response Support
Provide sufficient, competent, and effective relief personnel on the ground to supportother humanitarian actors in assessment, planning and implementing program immediately during or/and after crisis.

Specializes in supporting humanitarian actors in designing, buildingand maintaining the permanent and temporary shelter in disaster response.Furthermore we expertise in creating or improving strategic program for humanitarian response.

Where does HBC work?

Indonesia Philippines
Pakistan East Timor
Bangladesh Thailand
India Norway
United Kingdom Switzerland
Sri Lanka Malaysia
Singapore Myanmar